12-14 Infographic Standard

Consumers are predominately conducting product and services research on-line.  With the time pressures placed on all stakeholders in the path to purchase and the desire for easier consumption of information, infographics have become an effective way to convey relevant information, increase end-user engagement, increase sales and reduce returns.

Infographics combine art, images, statistics, information and complex data into a story that is easy consumed by the viewer.  Because this form of digital marketing can be used on desktops and mobile devices and is read by consumers from a variety of demographic backgrounds, infographic designers must create content that combines best practices and common technical specifications to be effective.  This standard will assist members in the creation of infographics.

Audience: Manufacturers, wholesalers, 3PVs, buying groups and dealers who can leverage infographics to market products and services on your own sites, through digital marketing and through social media.

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