Become a Brother Authorized Dealer

By joining the Brother Authorized Partner Program (BAPP), select channel partners that participate in the Program’s Government Community will be added to Brother’s list of BSA Authorized Dealers and can access Brother’s TAA-compliant printing and scanning solutions.

The information in this page details the benefits and eligibility requirements to become a Brother Authorized Partner and participate in our Government Community.

BAPP Government Reseller Community


  • Brother will list Reseller on its list of approved TAA resellers (BSA).
  • Reseller will have access to Brother Government Sales team.
  • Reseller will become a Gold Partner, enjoy all Gold benefits and have access to Brother Authorized Product, including the Brother TAA compliant hardware and supplies.*
  • Brother will issue a Letter of Supply with the United States Government for Reseller.

*For more information about additional Gold Partner benefits, please visit BAPP-Guidelines


In order to participate in the BAPP Government Reseller Community, Reseller must meet the following minimum requirements.

Step 1: Become Authorized

  • Reseller is a member in good standing of the BAPP Program.
    Link to apply: BAPP-Application

Step 2: Request to join the BAPP Government Community

  • Reseller must send an e-mail to [email protected] and request to join the Government Community

Qualification Criteria

  • Reseller has experience and focus selling to the United States Government.
  • Reseller is on the GSA schedule or other Federal contracts as a contractor in good standing.
  • Reseller agrees to comply with all Federal, State and local rules, regulations, laws and requirements related to procurement or the sale of BIC product.
  • Must meet all Gold Level requirements set forth in the BAPP-Guidelines, except for the internal or field-deployed sales force which is reduced to 1 person.