Become a Lexmark Authorized Dealer

Lexmark International requires all prospective dealers seeking authorization to complete a brief set of questions (see below) and return them to the program coordinator, John Welsch ([email protected]).  This information is reviewed by a committee and then the applicant will be notified by email.  Updates to Lexmark’s list of authorized dealers are done on a weekly basis.  Any questions regarding this process may be submitted via email to Mr. Welsch.  For current authorized dealers, they may reach out to Mr. Welsch to seek placement on the list.

  1. Do you presently have a government schedule?  If so, what is the schedule number?  Will you please provide a link to your current catalog?
  2. Do you presently offer remanufactured or compatible cartridges for Lexmark?  If so, which manufacturers do you work with/source from? Do you presently offer Lexmark OEM supplies?  If so, who is your primary Wholesale supplier?
  3. Do you remanufacture any Lexmark Products?
  4. What is your DUNS number?  
  5. Please provide the street address for your Headquarters location.
  6. Do you have any federal customers/agencies you work with today?
  7. What is your primary focus as a business (selling IT solutions, supplies, office supplies, MPS services)?  What services do you offer to your customers?  If it’s easier for you, please attach a capability statement. 

All current and prospective dealers are subject to evaluation based upon their current product platform/offerings, prior Lexmark supplies/hardware sales, and current Federal engagements.

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Authorized Lexmark Supplies Dealer.

John Welsch
Lexmark Government Services Annuities Manager
[email protected]

If John Welsch is unavailable, please contact Ricky Morrow [email protected]