HP Survey Highlights Importance of Sustainability

HP Survey Highlights Importance of Sustainability

New research by tech giant HP Inc has revealed that sustainability tops the list of incentives for employees.

The survey of 3,000 office workers across the US, Mexico and Brazil showed a company’s environmental efforts frequently ranked as the most important factor for talent acquisition and retention.

It tied with the availability of new technology as the top offering expected of prospective and current employers.

In the US alone, 56% said they were more likely to work for a company which offered ways to practice sustainability at work, while in Mexico and Brazil the numbers were even higher at 79% and 85% respectively.

Respondents also reported high levels of participation in eco-friendly tasks such as turning off lights to save energy, recycling, and taking alternative transportation to work. What’s more, employees are ready to do more.

HP suggests employers assist their workforce to be more green initiatives at work, by providing the necessary equipment – both separate receptacles for recycling or composting and sustainable materials – and, crucially, more training.

As important as sustainability is to office workers, HP found they fail to demonstrate much knowledge about it. “More education is needed around the environmental impact of printing to combat common misconceptions,” said the vendor.

Its research also found that few saw printing as an environmentally-friendly technology. But with HP Original Ink cartridges using up to 73% recycled plastic, environmentally friendly latex inks, and intensive recycling and energy reduction programmes, solutions do exist.

It said that businesses which use its managed print services see typical reductions in energy usage associated with printing of 20-40%.

The full results of the survey can be found here. - (OPI)