EPIC to End After 2018

EPIC to End After 2018

EPIC 2018 will be the last as its organizers have decided to bring an end to one of the OP industry’s biggest dealer group trade shows. 

After five years and some iconic locations, the TriMega board has unanimously voted not to hold another joint US conference with event partners Independent Stationers (IS) next year.

TriMega cited as factors influencing its decision a continuing decline in attendance since the inception of EPIC in 2013, as well as the two big US wholesalers announcing plans for events in 2019, which led to concerns from manufacturers over the cost of supporting multiple conferences in the same year.

However, both IS and TriMega have expressed support for a single industry event in 2020 and are currently working with fellow trade organizations Business Solutions Association (BSA) and NOPA. In an interview with OPI earlier this year, BSA President Barry Lane spoke of “event consolidation opportunities” and said he was looking to organise an ‘Industry Week’ in the coming years.

TriMega is evaluating meeting ideas for its own members for 2019, while IS specifically said it believes it’s important to continue to host an annual meeting with its dealers, focused on several initiatives including educational seminars, networking and supplier meetings in a new, condensed format. More details on an IS 2019 event will be announced in due course. - (OPI)