Industry Week Point Team Update - November 2018

Industry Week Point Team Update

November 2018

The Office Products Industry is experiencing a pronounced secular decline requiring a new, more financially-efficient and innovative approach to the current industry event schedule.  This new approach should focus on building better dealer capabilities while reducing the financial burden on manufacturers and wholesalers, resulting in the dealer having a single event to attend with superior industry insights, heightened engagement with key partners and tailored paths to gain the best event experience. 

The Point Team’s Mission is:

Accurately understand all dealer and manufacturer costs (hard and soft) associated with industry trade shows.  This estimate should include insights into dealer travel costs and lost dealer productivity costs associated with industry events.

  1. Understand “participating” dealer and manufacturer current utility and future state expectations with trade shows and one-on-one events
  2. Build, gain acceptance and financial commitment to a singular industry event which supports dealers needs and manufacturer goals. Results in expanded dealer and manufacturer participation.
  3. Ensure industry Buying Group and Wholesale alignment with BSA Point team vision for industry event future state.
  4. Reduce travel and lost productivity costs for dealers while also driving significant manufacturer hard and soft cost reduction associated with event planning and execution.
  5. Develop more effective “event” approach which builds dealer capability, manufacturer reach and verifiable results while building/fostering collaborative industry relationships:
  6. Design, build and deliver separate show and seminar tracks for different dealer participants to elevate the dealer experience
  7. Increase manufacturer engagement with managing principals, key decision makers and leaders who are actively participating in dealers’ go-to-market efforts.
  8. Become the industry’s destination for Office Products knowledge, relationships and education.

Dealer View

Power Message: 

Industry Week builds compelling dealer capability, connections and profit potential… efficiently. Industry week will make dealers more connected, profitable and capable.

Proof Points:

  1. Industry Week is one week fast paced event which replaces 8-14 separate and often disconnected industry events into one powerful event.
  2. Industry Week dramatically reduces out of office time for key dealer leaders allowing them to focus on customers, emerging business opportunities and strategically leading their business.
  3. Industry Week builds dealer capabilities by offering separate learning tracks for different dealer business models and other dealer leaders. These collaborative sessions will be sponsored by manufacturers, led by industry thought leaders and are designed to accelerate independent dealer’s growth trajectory.
  4. The new Industry Week format creates a new way for manufacturers to efficiently invest in the dealer channel by focusing financial resources, building channel capability and aligning leadership time on a single event.
  5. Industry Week socially connects dealers and manufacturers where best practices are shared, emerging profit opportunities are explored and emerging channel dynamics are discussed.

Manufacturer’s View

Power Message: 

Industry Week focuses Manufacturer’s financial resources, reduces time spent and builds capability around a single industry event.

Proof Points:

  1. BSA’s Industry Week ensures financial resources are more sharply focused allowing manufactures to target spend to winning dealer business models that suit manufacturer strengths.
  2. BSA’s Industry Week ensures valuable manufacturer channel resources are not diluted on multiple industry events.
  3. BSA’s Industry Week is a scalable event model allowing small to large manufacturers to participate at a level which can be scaled to their financial model.
  4. BSA’s Industry Week socially connects manufacturers and dealers where best practices are shared, emerging profit opportunities are explored and emerging channel dynamics are discussed.
  5.  BSA’s Industry Week reduces overall time commitment with a focus on a single event.

Wholesale View 

Power Message: 

Industry Week focuses wholesaler’s financial resources, reduces time and builds capability around a single industry event.

Proof Points:

  1. Industry week allows for wholesaler and manufacturers to efficiently connect with their shared customers.
  2. Industry week significantly reduces time spent planning and managing 8-14 individual events.
  3. Industry week will drive greater dealer participation driving additional customer engagement.
  4. Industry week targets all independent dealers creating enhanced wholesaler exposure regardless of dealer size, location or alignment.
  5. Industry week reduces scheduling complexity between competitive shows, dealer events and competing incentive trips.UI