Amazon Launches Jan/San Private Label

Amazon Launches Jan/San Private Label

(August 1, 2019) Amazon has quietly introduced a B2B private label brand called AmazonCommercial.

AmazonCommercial is so far limited to nine jan/san SKUs covering toilet paper, facial tissue and paper towels which are packaged for bulk purchasing. According to Amazon’s website, the brand “creates value for businesses by providing professional grade, cost-effective products”.

The AmazonCommercial paper products available so far are described as “septic safe” and are made from “100% virgin white paper”. Competing products on from brands such as Genuine Joe, Scott and Tork are generally made with a high post-consumer waste content or from 100% recycled fibre.

The brand was reportedly launched in the US in mid-June, but Amazon private label specialist website TJI first picked up on it in May, saying that it was the first time it had seen a dedicated Amazon brand for commercial and industrial supplies.

Last year, Amazon launched a number of jan/san products under its Amazon Basics brand that were tagged as “Professional”, seemingly aimed at the B2B market. Amazon Basics, however, may lack credibility with B2B purchasers given its presence in a wide range of categories. That might put off buyers looking for specialist products that can withstand the rigours of a professional environment such as a workplace restroom or factory floor. That could be where AmazonCommercial comes in and it will be interesting to see how the range expands.

Incidentally, the AmazonCommercial product images – which have bright blue or yellow backgrounds – appear to flout Amazon’s own rules that require sellers to supply images on white backgrounds or else face having them removed. (OPI)