Clover Imaging Group Joins Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council

Clover Imaging Group Joins Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council

(March 5, 2020) Chicago, IL– Clover Imaging Group (“Clover”), a leader in the print and imaging industry, has joined forces with leaders from government, industry, academia, standards organizations, and NGOs to develop a groundbreaking guidance program for leadership in sustainable purchasing. 

As a member of the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council, Clover will play an instrumental role in solving the biggest obstacle to sustainable institutional purchasing: a lack of standardization in how sustainable purchasing is defined, guided, measured and rewarded. 

Public and private sector organizations use this program to guide trillions of dollars in collective purchasing towards goods and services that simultaneously meet the needs of their organization, society, and the planet.

 “The Council supports a strategic approach to sustainable purchasing that is consistent across sectors,” says Executive Director Jason Pearson. “The potential for alignment, market influence, and supply chain innovation accelerate dramatically when we all speak the same language and use similar processes to evaluate and mitigate the impacts associated with institutional purchasing. The Council’s visionary members are working to unleash the full transformative potential of global institutional purchasing, which in the US alone annually represents an estimated $10 trillion in spending.”

Clover has a long history of pioneering and bolstering support for sustainability practices in the print and imaging industry. Clover’s environmentally friendly remanufactured printer cartridges re-use empty cartridges, the highest form of environmental responsibility, and represent a 51% smaller overall environmental impact than OEM cartridges. When a business or consumer chooses to purchase a remanufactured cartridge, they lower their printing costs, keep waste out of landfills and reduce their carbon footprint.

Eric Martin, Clover Imaging’s President, notes, “We are excited to join the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council and be part of the dialogue on supply chain sustainability. At Clover, we take great pride in our commitment to develop environmentally friendly print solutions that are not only better for the planet, but that also offer businesses and consumers a way to reduce printing costs. In this way, we continually demonstrate that strong business practices and environmental responsibility are not mutually exclusive.” - (Clover Imaging Group)