BidDesk Antimicrobial Manufacturer Program

(May 22, 2020) - BidDesk Analytics is a data company with a long history working with office and school products that are purchased today. They have developed a List of Products that have antimicrobial protection for office, classroom, custodial and breakroom items (like scissors, rulers, mop heads, sponges, etc.).  The list also has antimicrobial safety and cleaning products (like face masks, hand sanitizers, disinfectants, etc.).

They publish a free consumer version of this list for home office use at the following link:  that is available on media outlets throughout the country.

They are continuously updating their list and encourage manufacturers to edit or add their antimicrobial protected products to the list at any time. There is no cost to the manufacturer to be on this list (I’ve attached a free listing template to this email).

Manufacturers, of course, benefit by offering an enhanced or safer version of their normal product line. That additional benefit comes at a higher production cost (we’re told it averages about 7%) and a slightly higher selling price. With todays changing workplace, private and public sector offices and classrooms will want to purchase, or in some cases be mandated to purchase safer solutions.  They're reading about it everyday and expect this trend to ramp up continually for the foreseeable future.

The opportunity we see, at the moment, is working with public sector state, local government and school purchasing offices to help put these antimicrobial alternatives on their upcoming bids.  They offer an inexpensive performance based program for manufacturers with antimicrobial protected products to be on the leading edge of this effort to have their products specified on these upcoming bids.

Their 7 step program and pricing is attached.  In the next 12 months they’ll be reaching out on over 600 expiring public sector bids with this effort. They encourage manufacturers to contact them and take advantage of this unique selling opportunity.

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