Fellowes Wins BPGI Award

Fellowes Wins BPGI Award

(SEPTEMBER 9, 2020) - Fellowes Brands has been named 2019 Supplier of the Year by international buying organization BPGI.

The award is based on a point scoring mechanism used by the BPGI membership to evaluate a vendor’s support on a local basis, measuring a number of key factors.

BPGI CEO Barrie Hayes made a trip recently to the Fellowes UK headquarters in Doncaster to present the award to the supplier’s VP of Central Europe & EU Marketing, James Webb. The timing of the announcement and presentation had been delayed due to the COVID-19 situation.

Hayes commented: “Fellowes’ personnel work really hard at a local level with the membership and that is obviously paying dividends. Their continual support with the members both locally and centrally enhances the performance of the collective membership.”

Webb added: “It’s nice to be recognized and it’s also good to see our performance is reflected in the numbers. In the current difficult climate, it’s even more of an honor.” - (OPI)