Blockware Mining appoints new board member and three new advisory team members

Blockware Mining appoints new board member and three new advisory team members

(August 9, 2021) - Blockware Mining, one of North America’s fastest-growing Bitcoin mining companies, announced that seasoned and successful entrepreneur Jim Cerkleski, Executive Chairman of Clover Imaging Group has joined Blockware Mining’s board of directors. The company has also added three members to its senior advisory team: Mark Brady, Managing Director at William Blair; Timothy Keefe, CFA, Founding Partner at LedgerStat Capital; and Jake Becker, Vice President of Capital Markets at Speedwagon Capital Partners. As a group, these executives bring 70+ years expertise in crypto, finance, investment management and entrepreneurship to their work for Blockware Mining.

Jim Cerkleski founded and serves as Executive Chairman of Clover Imaging Group, an industry leader in providing environmentally sustainable and high-quality imaging products. The prototypical entrepreneur, Cerkleski has been instrumental in the record growth of three multi-million-dollar businesses, all of which began at or near zero revenue. Clover Imaging Group is built around sustainable innovation, and Cerkleski brings considerable experience in founding, running and managing environmentally sustainable companies, while growing teams and providing employment opportunities. 

Cerkleski said: “Blockware Mining is on the vanguard of Bitcoin mining in the U.S. and demonstrates the mining industry’s potential and importance and I am pleased to be part of this dynamic industry.”

“We are very excited to welcome Jim to our board,” said Michael Stoltzner, President and CEO of Blockware Mining. “He brings extensive complementary expertise and a passion for growing companies, along with insight into sustainable practices.” He added, “I am also pleased to welcome three exceptional executives to our Senior Advisory Team.”

Mark Brady, Managing Director, M&A at William Blair has been with the company for 30 years and completed over 150 acquisition and financing transactions with companies in over 20 different countries. Since April 2016, William Blair has completed 665 M&A transactions representing approximately $294 billion in value (as of June 30, 2021). 

Brady, who brings experience in navigating opportunities and challenges to help organizations reach their potential, said: “Blockware Mining’s business model has been carefully constructed to leverage competitive opportunities. I am pleased to be joining the Senior Advisory Team as the company continues its growth trajectory.”

New Blockware Mining senior advisor Timothy Keefe, CFA, is the founding partner at LedgerStat Capital, which is dedicated to building and scaling the Bitcoin ecosystem and educating investors. He brings more than 26 years of traditional asset management experience and a passion for technology derived from his work at IBM and NCR to his advisory position.  Prior to LedgerStat, Keefe was a Managing Director at BlackRock and before that spent most of his career as a Chief Equity Officer and Portfolio Manager at John Hancock Funds.

Jake Becker, Vice President of Capital Markets at Speedwagon Capital Partners, also joined Blockware Mining’s advisory team. At Speedwagon, he is responsible for cultivating select debt and equity partnerships to invest alongside Speedwagon’s internal capital. He has worked across numerous industries and asset classes, including investments at the intersection of crypto & gaming and the metaverse.

Prior to joining Speedwagon, Becker was a founding team member and Director of Acquisitions at Decennial Group. Jake supported fundraising activities at Decennial, facilitating capital raises of over $100M. - (Blockware Mining)