HP targets hybrid workforces

HP targets hybrid workforces

(October 7, 2021) - HP Inc has launched a unified print and PC offering aimed at hybrid working.

HP Work from Home is described as “a simple solution for IT leaders to securely and easily deploy and manage HP PCs, printers and supplies to a distributed workforce”. The service includes:

  • PC and print hardware delivered to the home or office
  • Auto replenishment of ink and toner supplies
  • Remote diagnostics and next-day business support

HP expects to add cloud security management and secure print path capabilities by the end of year. It said this would allow IT administrators to gain visibility and simplify the management of essential security settings for remote devices.

“Hybrid work is here – and it’s here to stay,” said George Brasher, HP’s Global Head and General Manager, Print Services and Solutions. “HP Work from Home is a workforce-centric approach aligned to the way people work today.”

Sumeer Chandra, Global Head and General Manager, Personal Systems Services, added: “While there are a lot of benefits to hybrid work, there are also a lot of challenges. With this combined offering, CIOs and IT managers can easily procure, deploy and manage PCs and printers, plus ink or toner, no matter where the workforce is located.”

In a blog post, Brasher referred to The Great Resignation, with 11.5 million US workers quitting their jobs between April-June 2021.

“With so many workers seeking new opportunities, employers must go above and beyond to attract and retain top talent,” he wrote. “Companies must offer perks that fit the way we work now, […and] one of the most valuable perks employers can provide is at-home technology that goes beyond the basics.”

He pointed to research that shows only 20-25% of companies pay for or share the cost of kitting out a home office despite 80% of employees believing it’s a duty of the employer to provide any materials needed to get the job done.

“Against this backdrop, fully managed print and PC services have the potential to be a huge differentiator for employers navigating a competitive talent pool,” he argued.

HP Work from Home is currently available in North America and will be rolled out into other markets later this year and in 2022. (HP - Palo Alto (CA), USA)