Press Releases

BSA distributes up to date industry related press releases to membership. Below is a list of the archived releases from 2018 - 2014.


March 2018
Passing of Kevin O'Gara
State Sales Tax Collection Fairness Litigation Update


December 2017
Passing of Pat Melugin

March 2017
Industry Leader Bud Mundt Passes Away


November 2016
Court Blocks Overtime Rule 

June 2016
BSA Recognizes Mike Wilbur as Recipient of the 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award
BSA Lauds Norm Wesley as the Recipient of the 2016 Legend of the Industry Award
BSA Celebrates John Frey and Jim Gaede as Recipients of the 2016 Leadership Award

March 2016
2016 Scholarship Program - Deadline Approaching Mar. 21, 2016


December 2015
Breaking News: FTC Votes Unanimously Against Staples/Office Depot Merger

November 2015
2016 Scholarship Program Now Open - Now Accepting Applications - Deadline Mar. 21, 2016

September 2015
Passing of Ed Melugan

August 2015
NLRB Ruling Could Have a Chilling Business Effect

July 2015
Proposed Changes to Overtime

June 2015
John Motley to Receive the 2015 Legend of the Industry Award
BSA Registration for the Forum is Now Open
Passing of Brad Hutchen
2015 BSA Scholarship Winners Announced

May 2015
Bud Mundt to Receive the 2015 Leadership Award

January 2015
BSA Announces 2015 Forum Dates
BSA Scholarships are Now Open - Deadline Friday, March 27, 2015


December 2014
NRLB Declares Employees Must be Able to Use Work Email to Engage in Union Organizing Activities

November 2014
Passing of William A. Atherton, Sr.

August 2014
BSA Releases Draft Standards

July 2014
2014 Lifetime Achievement Award 
2014 Legend Award 
2014 Leadership Award
Passing of Jim Dwyre's Wife, Debbie

June 2014
Canada's Anti-Spam Law 
BSA Scholarship Winners 

April 2014
BSA Standards Council Committees 2014 
BSA Partners with Cleveland Research 

January 2014
Hilleard and Schinkel
Notice of Employee Rights Under the National Labor Relations Act
IS Partners with NSSEA